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Japanese Gourmet2015年11月2日

Wagyu Sukiyaki -$70 per person-

Tue-Fri 11:30am-2pm
Tue-Sun 5:30pm-9:30pm
Mon Closed

お得意様との会食に!ゆったりとした空間でワンランク上のお食事をするならここ。厳選されたA4 & A5ランクの薩摩和牛を使用した和牛すき焼は、口の中でとろける。牛脂から油を引き、割り下を使って薩摩和牛と旬の野菜を焼くので、素材ひとつひとつにムラなく味がしみ込んでいる。要事前予約が必要。

A well-designed spacious restaurant that offers a high-quality dining experience for friends and families. Wagyu sukiyaki is made of carefully selected Satsuma Wagyu highly graded as A4 & A5. The combination of melt-in-your-mouth beef seared with seasonal vegetables creates a delicious taste sensation. RSVP required.

位於Millbrae,沿著El Camino的馬車道餐廳,內部空間寬敞,而餐廳亦提供高級的美食,很適合招待親朋戚友或者重要的客人。馬車道的和牛壽喜燒所用的是鹿兒島縣產,經過嚴格挑選的A4&A5級薩摩和牛。薩摩和牛的脂肪含量豐富,吃完之後令人壓力全消,精神飽滿!除了入口即溶的頂級和牛之外,配料亦有多種新鮮的蔬菜;蔬菜吸收了醬汁和牛肉的精華,美味非常。有意享用之前敬請預約。

Coco Scorp -$13-

Mon-Sun 11:30am-2pm
Mon,Wed-Thu 5:30pm-9:30pm
Fri-Sat 5:30pm-10pm
Tue Closed

肉厚でぎゅっと身の引き締まった北海道産の活きたホタテと、今が一番美味しい時期である大粒のいくらが贅沢に乗った当店自慢のCoco Scorp。10種類の素材を使った門外不出の秘伝のソースが旨味を引き立てる。シャリの中にはマグロとアボカドがぎゅっと包まれ、一口で4つの味を楽しむことのできる一品。

The house special Coco Scorp offers delicious combination of tuna and avocado rolls, served with thick-cut pieces of fresh Hokkaido scallop and generous amount of salmon roe, particularly delicious this time of the year. The sauce made of over ten secret ingredients enhances the flavor. Experience four divine flavors in one bite.

Coco's Sushi 向大家推介的是招牌反卷Coco Scorp。這反卷是由吞拿魚和牛油果,加上厚切的北海道帆立貝和大量三文魚籽卷製而成。餐應採用的帆立貝經過嚴格挑選,是這個季節最新鮮、大粒的帆立貝,保証鮮甜味美。而醬汁是由十種不同的材料秘製而成,引出海鮮的鮮味。這是一個能一口品嘗到四種食材美味的反卷。

Silky Pork Tonkatsu -$13.95-

Wed-Mon 11:30am-2pm
Mon-Thu 6pm-10:30pm
Fri-Sat 5:30pm-11pm
Sun 5:30pm-9:30pm


The appetite-provoking Silk Pork that trully represents fall season will surely make you feel hungry. Combine this juicy and sweet pork with grated daikon and ponzu sauce for the superb taste experience. Moist and tender pork melts in your mouth, filling it with premium flavors and richness.


Nabeyaki Udon -$10.95-

Tue–Fri 11:30am-2pm, 6pm-12am
Sat, Sun 6pm-12am
Mon Closed


This delicious udon made with nourishing broth, fresh noodles, and a variety of toppings, including crispy shrimp tempura, fishcake, shiitake mushrooms, onions, and soft-boiled egg. Also, try sashimi rice bowl that comes with nearly ten varieties of fresh fish and seafood. One of the most popular menu items.

居酒屋舞以小食和配菜聞名。今次向大家介紹的鍋燒烏冬有多種美味的配料;包括有爽脆的炸蝦天婦羅、魚肉餅、鮮冬菇、大蔥和煮得半熟的糖心雞蛋。加上鮮製的烏冬麵和鮮味的湯底,做出王道的美食。居酒屋舞亦向大家推介精心炮製魚生丼 ($15.75)。魚生丼以大約十種魚生配製而成,而魚生亦是由廚師每日小心挑選,新鮮味美。

Yosenabe -$19.50-

Mon-Fri 11:30am-2pm, 5:30pm-9:30pm
Sat, Sun 5:30pm-9:30pm


Yosenabe offers fresh mix of salmon, oyster, clam, and shrimp, combined with over 13 delicious ingredients. The dish comes with generous amount of matsutake mushrooms from Oregon that are indispensable gourmet ingredients at this time of the year. Seafood and vegetables add rich texture to the simple seaweed soup.


Maguro Kama -$22-

Mon-Fri 11:30am-2pm
Sat 12pm-2:30pm
Mon-Thu, Sun 6pm-10pm
Fri, Sat 5:30pm-10pm

オーブン焼き40分(ガーリックポン酢ソース、レモン、水菜、赤玉ねぎ、ネギ)。大人数で盛り上がれる一品。一日数量限定。予約でオーダーオッケー、又は、店内オーダーもオッケー 。食欲をそそるこの一品是非お試しあれ!

This extremely popular grilled tuna dish is cooked for about 40 minutes and seasoned with garlic ponzu sauce, lemon, mizuna (potherb mustard), red onions, and scallions. Availability varies from day to day. While reservations are being accepted, walk-ins are also welcome. Experince the taste of this appetite-provokind dish!


Motsu Nabe Soy broth $9
Miso broth $10

Mon-Thu, Sun 11am-2pm, 5pm-10pm
Fri–Sat 11am-2pm, 5pm-10:30pm

SF Outer Richmond地区にある New Oyaji Restaurant。このシーズンおススメはあったかモツ鍋。ビタミンA、Bがたっぷりで柔らかく煮込んだモツに、キャベツ、ニラ、もやし、ガーリックチップが入り、あっさりダシの利いたベーススープは酒が進む一品。お子様連れでも気軽に入れる家族向けの嬉しいレストラン。

Located in San Francisco's Outer Richmond, New Oyaji Restaurant offers a truly autumn dish, Motsunabe, that is made from tender pork and beef offal rich in vitamins A and B, cabbage, leek, been sprouts, and garlic chips. A nourishing miso or soy-based plain broth fills the body with warmth.

位於三藩市Outer Richmond 區的New Oyaji 餐廳,一直為食客提供不同種類的日式美食。而今個秋季,餐廳向大家推介的是溫暖飽腹的內臟火鍋。滿滿的火鍋配料有蘊含豐富維他命A、B的爽口牛和豬內臟、卷心菜、韭菜、芽菜和蒜頭碎。加上鮮味的醬油或味噌湯底,成為風味絕佳的下酒菜。New Oyaji 餐廳內的環境舒適,是一間適合一家大小,享受家庭歡樂的餐廳。

Sushi Wrapper -$16.90-

Mon-Fri 11:30am-2pm, 5:30pm-9:30pm
Sat 5:30pm-9:30pm
Sun 5:30pm-9pm


Unique presentation and familiar taste of this original dish by Sushi Kai introduces customers to a whole new tasting experience. The light texture and healthy mix of avocado, salmon, scallop, tuna, fresh vegetables, and the original wasabi sauce create a sensational dish that will surely become a big hit among the customers.

Sushi Kai竟然大膽的日式壽司和意式的披薩結合,做成創新的菜式壽司披薩!壽司披薩擁有披薩的外形,但味道卻令人聯想起壽司!軟滑的配料和鬆脆的披薩餅底,給人耳目一新的口感。健康的配料包括有牛油果、三文魚、扇貝、吞拿魚和新鮮蔬菜。而醬汁是餐廳原創的芥末醬汁,帶出配料的鮮味。連日本的傳媒也專程訪問的壽司披薩餐廳只此一間!

Homemade Gyoza (Pork Dumpling)
-$6.99 / $9.49

Mon, Tue 11am-9pm
Wed, Thu 11am-10:30pm
Fri 11am-12am
Sat 12pm-12am
Sun 12pm-8pm


The new menu item, handmade pork dumpling, tosses together the winning combination of crunchy cabbage and juicy pork with the perfect amount of Chinese leek and ginger. Dumplings are made exclusively by hand and offer the true flavor of gyoza. Dumpling set with rice and miso soup will surely satisfy your hunger and put you in a good mood.

手作豬肉餃子是Seasons of Japan今個冬季的新菜式。美味的餃子以爽口的卷心菜和多汁的豬肉作餡料,加上適量的韭菜和生薑,為蔬菜和豬肉的味道帶來平衡感。人手包製的餃子與機器製造的餃子不同,每一顆都用心包製,餡料絕對不會漏出,保証令你感受到餃子的真正味道。套餐付有白飯和味噌湯,一定能滿足你的食欲。


The authentic Taiwanese ramen recipe with the unique taste of soy sauce base broth combined with flavorful and tender beef stew with tendon. The signature Sichuan spiciness is adjusted to the local taste and paired with Japanese noodles. Spicy oil and parsley enhance the appetite. The level of spiciness can be adjusted to accommodate every taste.

喜歡吃辣的朋友要留意了!麵之達人向大家推介的麻辛半筋半肉麵是愛辣之人的恩物。這碗拉麵是以台灣風味的醬油作湯底,再配上美味及有咬勁的牛筋及牛肉製作而成。湯底加入四川風味的辛辣調味料,但經改良後已經適合本地人的口味。湯內的辣油令中國的四川人也會大叫好味。再加上日式拉麵,可以說是進化形的獨創拉麵! 如果不能吃太辣,亦可以選擇不太辛辣的湯底。


Raijin's original interpretation of the popular champon recipe, made from tonkotsu broth with vegetables. This highly nutritious dish comes with a generous amount of cabbage, bean sprouts, onion, carrot, green onion, and fishcake. Exceptional taste and outstanding presentation by a veteran chef.