Yakitori KOKKO | サンマテオ

San Mateoのメイン通りから数ブロック離れた隠れ屋的焼き鳥店。Kokkoは旨味を引き出したジューシーなオーガニックの鶏肉を丁寧に一本一本串うち。更に、肉と油の旨味そのものを楽しむための塩と、美味しさが後を引く濃厚なタレの両方にこだわっている。Kokkoのメニューはもも、軟骨、つくね、ささみなど焼き鳥が豊富に揃っており、やきとり以外にもオクラ、アスパラガス、チェリートマトなどの野菜焼きや手作りコロッケ、鶏そぼろ丼も大好評。締めには担々麺が大人気で常連客は必ず頼むという。焼き鳥やホームメイドの料理とお酒を楽しみに是非友達や家族と行ってみては!

Yakitori Kokko is a hole in the wall restaurant a few blocks away from Downtown San Mateo. Its Yakitori menu is very authentic; the juicy bincho tan charcoal grilled organic meat comes on a bamboo skewer. With the meat skewers, you can choose either salt or sauce. Kokko offers a variety of momo, tsukune, cartilage, and more. As for vegetable skewers, crisp okura, asparagus, and cherry tomatoes are popular with its customers. Croquette and Tori Soboro Don are also popular. Noodle soups are also a must-have on the menu in Kokko. With friends and family, Yakitori Kokko is the perfect cuisine to enjoy Yakitori or homemade meals along with sake.

Yakitori KOKKO

(650) 401-7008
509 Second Ave. (near Delaware St), San Mateo, CA 94401