【Queen Program】4/10 6pm初のオンライン開催!候補者3名をご紹介

1968年以来、クイーンプログラムは、コミュニティサービス、リーダーシップ、文化教育を通じて若い女性を指導することに貢献してきました。 毎年4月のプログラムナイト中に選出されるクイーン、プリンセスたちは文化大使として1年間、日系アメリカ人コミュニティを代表し、日米の交流活動に尽力します。

Akiko Jacqueline Bates
明子 ジャクリーン ベーツ

Age: 24
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Hobbies: Singing, oratory, fashion, running, drawing, cooking, and reading
Creative Expression: Digital drawing
Education: University of San FranciscoB.A. History, May 2019
Employment: I work at Hatch, a branding company. 
Professional attributes or goals in life:
My professional goal is to increase visibility for multi-racial Asian women in business through leadership roles in both the office and the community.

Ashlyn Sumiko Hom
アシュリン 澄子 ホム

Age: 26
Hometown: San Rafael, California
Hobbies: Playing video games, watching TV andmovies, exploring San Francisco, trying out foodfrom different cultures, learning Japanese and Chinese, writing, reading horror stories, fishkeeping, calligraphy, and judo.
Creative Expression: Calligraphy
Education: City College of San Francisco A.S. Computer Networking and InformationTechnology, May 2020
Employment: I’ m a server at Chonmage Restaurant
Professional attributes or goals in life:
I’m aspiring to be a front-end web developer/designer to create websites for all and create ablog educating others about Asian American life, culture, and history.

Kelly Noelani Eshima
ケリー ノエラニ 江島

Age: 24
Hometown: San Francisco, California
Hobbies: Crafting, journaling, baking, working out
Creative Expression: Nihon Buyo
Education: University of California, RiversideB.S. Biology, June 2018
Employment: I am a first-year law student at UC Hastings College of the Law. My current focus is Tax Law.
Professional attributes or goals in life:
After graduating from law school, my intent is to practice Corporate Law here in the BayArea. Also, I plan to stay in San Francisco and step into more leadership roles. I hope to use my deeper understanding of the law and my knowledge to support the community. I believe that furthering my legal career will give me more insight and credibility toward impactful change and will allow me to be an advocate in the community.

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